Create a paste, and share the link! If you don't have an account pastes will be stored (by default) for one day.

There is no index - if you lose the URL and aren't logged in, its gone for good. If you don't post it in a public place, google probably won't find it.

Language is guessed using pygments. Pygments has the habit of picking 'C' quite often (as most languages look like C). You can manually select the paste at paste-time to avoid this.

Passwords are never stored serverside - zifbin keeps them just long enough to decrypt the text. All encryption is done using the default settings in simple-crypt (which, at the time of this writing was AES256).

You can see the raw output of a paste by prepending /raw/ to the paste id like so.

zifbin is also open source! Check out the github link in the footer.